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Ana Stanel

Ana Stanel,


Romanian native Ana Stanel chose to study LSBF’s Master in Strategic Marketing Online after several years working as a professional marketer. While working as a manager for a large local company, Ana felt that it was time to take on a new challenge and expand her skill set: “Each and every module taught me something new; this programme puts what you thought you knew into perspective.” Ana says that she discovered more about the business world, and even herself, through the programme’s modules and LSBF’s user-friendly learning platform. And because the programme took place entirely online, Ana didn’t need to commute or relocate to earn her degree. Ana’s initial goal was to finish her degree and then work abroad. However, the programme gave her the confidence to start her own business in Romania, which now has 16 employees: “The things I’ve learned from this programme, I can apply in my everyday business life. It has given me a different perspective, not only in the field of marketing, but in business too.’’

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Joseph Ubong

Joseph Ubong, Nigeria

Though Joseph Ubong had already earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree before studying with London School of Business and Finance, he says the Master in Finance and Investments is his first truly global degree.

Laila Machado

Laila Machado, Brazil

“After this course, I have the tools to better explain myself and to give the best arguments. I can contribute better to marketing plans or communication plans.’’

Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot

Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot, India

"I found this course very useful for my career. When I did this MBA it really helped me to make certain management decisions."

Michael Vos

Michael Vos, Netherlands

I looked up very big schools with a good image and reputation and I found out that the LSBF programme would fit for me. I find the study material to be very professional and new.

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