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Hone your strategic leadership skills with

Strategic Leadership and Change Course

Intake: 5th August - 8th August

Duration: 4 days


Our students

We provide employers with exceptional candidates, who offer in-demand skills and expertise. Our students do not just benefit from a comprehensive education: they learn the importance of having a business-focused mind.

We also give our students a global perspective, welcoming them to an environment with individuals of various ages, backgrounds and nationalities. This diverse mix allows students to network, develop vital interpersonal skills and even acquire new languages. As a result, our students are fully prepared for challenging roles anywhere around the world.

Our Students Profile

Professional Students

LSBF is home to students taking professional qualifications in accounting and finance such as ACCA and AAT.

These students are very diverse in their experience and can provide your organisation with specific finance and accountancy skills. They will also be keen to undertake internships, in order to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Skills & Attributes

Our professional programmes train students for success in the business world. The way that we do this is to provide them with the knowledge and competencies that are vital in today's market, including:


  • An extensive working knowledge of their chosen subject area and its place in the business world
  • An up-to-date picture of the market, aided by industry relevant, expert tuition
  • An advanced capacity for knowledge acquisition, and the ability to apply knowledge to real-life situations


  • Highly specialised, subject-specific skills, including the ability to use complex software
  • Invaluable analytical and/or creative skills, depending upon the chosen programme
  • Numeracy, IT literacy and communication skills


  • A proactive, driven mind-set
  • A firm belief in professional standards
  • A deep respect for cultural diversity

Information literacy

  • An ability to collate and evaluate information
  • An understanding of how to use data to reach conclusions
  • Proficiency in different technological and media systems
Our Students Profile

When is the best time to recruit

Our professional programmes involve intensive periods of learning, so we recommend that the best time to recruit our professional students is after their exams have finished. This way, everything they have learnt is fresh in their minds and they are also extremely eager to apply their practical skills to real-life business situations. If you urgently require a professional student to help your business though, they may have some free time during their revision period, which runs four times a year. Please contact us for further information regarding recruitment of our professional students. 


Email: careers@lsbf.org.uk Tel: 020 3005 4148

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