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Naz Büke Günay,


Naz Büke Günay, is a Turkish MBA UoW student, who has found that studying abroad at LSBF has given her the confidence she needed to fulfil her potential and have the independence and self-confidence she needed to succeed in her financial career – she is currently an Associate at PWC. Büke is currently studying at LSBF, completing her dissertation and due to graduate this year. Studying at LSBF was the boost that she needed to become fully independent and responsible for her own career progression. The team work ethos at LSBF and the collaboration with lots of other international students has also set her in good stead for her current role as a team leader with heavy responsibilities from the very beginning. "I chose LSBF because it was one of the only postgraduate schools in England that did not require you to have a supporting degree like GMAT or 2 years work experience to study for an MBA, which allowed me to enhance my employability and gain a position of responsibility at PWC. I learned how to be responsible for my own success – it was no one's fault but my own if I did not study and finish my assignments on time. Studying overseas at LSBF was the challenge I needed that gave me the chance to be reminded of my own capabilities." What's your advice for new students? Make sure that you finish your assignments on time and do not be fooled by exams that are 'open book', you still need to study.

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Aung Soe

Aung Soe, United Kingdom

“The best thing about the course was that it gave me easy access to study materials, which I could go through when it was convenient for me."

Tom Davies

Tom Davies, London

Tom Davies enrolled on the Postgraduate Certificate in Finance programme with the aim of gaining necessary skills that will help him to climb up the career ladder easily.

Youssef El Shaikh

Youssef El Shaikh, Egypt

Although Youssef is only expected to graduate in 2014, he’s already a great example of a successful and hardworking student. Alongside his undergraduate course, he’s also one of the vice-presidents at the LSBF Student Association, where he leads several projects, events and campaigns.

Majid Ali Balouch

Majid Ali Balouch, Pakistan

Since graduating from LSBF in 2011 former Master of Business Administration student, Majid Ali Balouch, has secured a role as Assistant Director ORIC with Sindh Madressatul Islam University.

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