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Our people are responsible for creating the ethos of success in which the business leaders of tomorrow thrive.

Comprising highly qualified, seasoned business professionals and academics from around the world, our faculty are dedicated to ensuring students succeed in every endeavour, from gaining chartered accreditation to achieving career enhancing qualifications.

On-hand to support you, they provide invaluable knowledge and insight, acquired from years spent at the highest levels of business and academia.

Management Faculty

Academic Management

Our Academic Management is here to direct our vision: to create the business leaders of tomorrow. Through a wealth of experience and achievement, they cultivate an ethos in which you are encouraged, innovated and inspired. They ensure this approach is present across our entire academic faulty, so your career feels the benefits.

Dessy Ohanians

Managing Director Certificate and Corporate programmes

Rathakrishnan Govind

Global CEO of LSBF

Rob Sowerby

Professional Courses Director

Shane De Fonseka

Alexandra Gray

Senior Lecturer, Human Resources and Strategy

Chris Jasko

Academic Lead

Cormac Austin

Principal lecturer

Elaine Garcia

Senior Programme Leader, Business and Financial Management

Julian Hoseason

Principal lecturer

Khawlah Abulfeilat

Senior Lecturer

Martin Lukavec

Senior Lecturer, Finance

Oliver Buxton

EE short courses
Programme leader

Peter Jansen

Principal lecturer

Other departments

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