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What can business leaders learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The global pandemic has highlighted many heart-warming and positive stories of grit, resilience, kindness and collaboration from across the planet. Multi-national corporations are doing their bit too by either donating to government welfare funds or starting their own campaigns. One thing that the pandemic has taught us is that humanity can survive the worst circumstances by acting as a single unit.

How is COVID-19 reshaping global business education?

In just a few months, COVID-19 has changed a number of sectors including tourism, healthcare and education. Each sector is adapting to the constraints introduced by governments in a bid to contain the pandemic. While the immediate impact of the pandemic on higher education was unsettling at first, many changes can actually be considered positive.

5 common challenges in company budgeting and budget control

All businesses benefit from having a structured approach to expenditure and resource allocation for meeting the company expenses. Proper cost control and budget planning are especially important in the cases of small and micro-businesses where there are limited resources and overspending is not an option.

How to make business decisions within a strategic context

Decision-making is central to all organisational activities and has to be done with precision and clarity. By formulating strategies, we…

What role does motivation play in managing an organisation?

What role does motivation play in managing an organisation? Motivation is one of the major factors for driving success. If…

How will social media continue to dominate business communications?

Communication is often referred to as the lifeblood of a business, given the high value it holds. It plays an…

Why should you focus on consumer behaviour for targeted marketing?

Imagine standing at the supermarket, in front of the hair products aisle, and choosing a single shampoo from the dozens…

What has contributed to the global popularity of international businesses?

Globalisation has made communication between countries, regions and people much simpler, allowing businesses to expand globally and have a larger…

The role of Data Science culture in the application of organisational analytics

What is data science and how can it be used in a business? Back in the early 90s, artificial intelligence…

How can efficient project management enhance your leadership skills?

How can efficient project management enhance your leadership skills? A project manager oversees the various tasks involved in a project…

Essentials of an exceptional leadership development programme

Leadership is not just about giving orders and having them obeyed. To truly lead an individual has to be an…

London’s economy continues to be buoyant, research shows

New research from think tank Centre for London has shown that the city continues to be buoyant, despite a slowdown…

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