Sumit Ahuja

MA in Finance and Investment Graduate, Equity Derivatives Analyst, Citi Group

"The programme was designed with a global approach and focused on finance in an international environment."

Finance Programmes

Created alongside industry experts, the LSBF online Postgraduate Finance Portfolio is versatile, dynamic and industry-relevant. All finance postgraduate programmes are delivered Online. We work alongside our corporate partners to ensure our wide range of financial Masters programmes are in-line with modern market conditions, giving students the most innovative and up-to-date programme possible.

With a wide variety of pathways available to choose from, the online Postgraduate Finance Portfolio gives students the opportunity to specialise in the area that most suits them. The online Master in Finance and Investments includes: Accounting and Financial Management, Investment Banking & Capital MarketsRisk Management and Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity. All these postgraduate degrees are delivered 100% online.

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MBA Programmes
Master in Finance and Investments (Online delivery)

The online Master in Finance and Investments gives you the chance to gain the in-depth research, data analysis, strategic planning and management expertise needed to perform at high-level finance and investment positions.

As an Master in Finance and Investments student you will study your degree up to 100% online using our interactive online learning platform. You can enjoy a virtual classroom experience, interacting with students and lecturers from anywhere in the world and experience the same lectures and assessments as you would on campus.

This online MA programme come with the opportunity to graduate with dual MA and MSc degree qualifications, with no extra study required. With joint master’s degrees under your belt, you’ll be able to show your current or future employers that you have the skills and dedication needed to excel in your desired role. When you choose this option, your syllabus and learning outcomes remain the same as the Master in Finance and Investments, but you will graduate with an additional MSc qualification from Geneva Business School, Switzerland.

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"I chose LSBF, not only for the high academic standards and the quality of the lecturers, but also because London is the centre of business and offers diversity and internationalism"

Raunaq Zaidi
Associate, State Bank of India
MBA Graduate

“I chose LSBF because it offered the exact modules and topics I was interested in. The tutors were experienced in their fields and came from diverse international backgrounds, just like the students.”

Sumit Ahuja
Equities Derivatives Analyst, Citi Group
Master in Finance and Investments Graduate