Meet the Team of Careers Services and Employability Department

LSBF’s Careers Services and Employability department is made up of expert recruitment personnel from all over the world. Our team offers both global and local experience, as well as extensive knowledge of the recruitment sector and employment opportunities. We are committed to fully preparing students and alumni for today’s competitive international marketplace.

George Brown, Team Leader
George Brown, Team Leader

George is a qualified psychotherapist and teacher with over 15 years’ experience in the field of therapy, teaching, professional development training and community engagement in the public, charitable and private sectors, both in the UK and abroad.

He has gained extensive skills and experience across diverse professional fields and particularly enjoys challenges in creating new pathways and greater opportunities for young people and adults considered socially and economically disadvantaged. This area of work has provided him with great satisfaction, as each individual success story has affirmed for him that encouragement, professional guidance and self-belief can move mountains.  

His keenness and commitment towards the promotion of self-improvement have become a daily mantra, as he believes that leading by example is paramount towards affecting positive change for all concerned. 

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Careers Advisory :
George Brown
Tel: 020 3005 6148