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Barbara Szwarc

Barbara Szwarc,


Barbara Szwarc was looking for a course which specialised in mergers and acquisitions, and she found the perfect match in LSBF’s online Master in Finance and Investments programme. The flexible nature of online learning allowed Barbara to start her degree while she was living in the UK, and continue her studies after moving to Poland part way through her studies: "I could study while travelling, and on business trips, it was pretty smooth when it came to studies. The move was tough, but my studies weren’t affected." The connections between her ongoing career and master’s programme made for an even more comprehensive learning experience. Barbara was able to complete her dissertation on the private equity funds market in Poland, based on experience taken directly from her job: "Working at an investment bank and studying at the same time was quite tricky, but I soon learned that time management is key to making the whole process work for you. It was very rewarding to be able to combine my studies with my work, and also very useful because I was able to do research for my studies during my work hours.’’

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Guy Anker

Guy Anker, London

I felt energised after each session as it’s really made me realise what is possible. I’ve already begun using the techniques I’ve learned

Felipe Arana

Felipe Arana,

"I think it's the best thing I've done for my education."

Laila Machado

Laila Machado, Brazil

“After this course, I have the tools to better explain myself and to give the best arguments. I can contribute better to marketing plans or communication plans.’’

Maria Boukouraki

Maria Boukouraki, Greece

Maria Boukouraki graduated from LSBF in 2010 with a Masters in Business (MIB). Studying at LSBF gave her the flexibility to gain a degree from the FT ranked GGSB without having to leave her job in London.

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