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What is a postgraduate degree?

LSBF has partnered with the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO  in order to provide globally recognised online postgraduate programmes such as the Global MBA , Master in Finance and Investments and the Master in Strategic Marketing. You can also combine a postgraduate programme with a professional qualification such as ACCA or AAT to maximise your career potential. A postgraduate, or Master’s, degree is an advanced qualification, taken after the student has already finished their undergraduate course, Bachelor’s degree programme (or equivalent). Unlike most undergraduate degrees, a postgraduate usually lasts only one or two years if the student is studying full-time.

London School of Business and Finance has been granted Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Centre approval to allow LSBF to offer qualifications approved by the CMI on a Dual Accreditation basis.

The Dual Accreditation stands testament to LSBF and their endeavors as they are now the only London-based, Dual Accredited CMI approved centre offering finance programmes. These programmes are MSc Finance and Investment, Global MBA and MSc Strategic Marketing.

In today’s ever-adapting environment, CMI will be a lifelong career partner to LSBF students, giving them access to tailored support, tools, events and resources to develop their management and leadership potential. This will also help LSBF students develop a well-rounded skillset, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

The most common forms of postgraduate degrees are:


Master of Business Administration


Master of Arts


Taking a postgraduate degree gives you the opportunity to:

  • Improve your job prospects or choose a new direction for your career
  • Gain a particular qualification for the job you want, such as a law degree
  • Benefit from flexible study – many students study part-time whilst they continue working
  • Learn more about a topic that interests you, particularly on a master’s degree

At LSBF, you can choose from a wide range of master’s degrees, or a combination of a postgraduate programme with a professional qualification.

Entry Requirements

For the majority of postgraduate degrees, you need to have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent before applying. However, if you did not go to university, relevant work experience is sometimes accepted instead. Entry requirements can differ greatly between programmes and between institutions, so make sure you check before applying. They can also be different for home and overseas students. If you are not a native English speaker, you may also need to prove that you can communicate well in written and spoken English before being accepted onto a course. A common proof of English language skills is one of the international English Tests certificates, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and others. Each educational institution has their own requirements with regards to which test is accepted and which mark has to be achieved to satisfy the admissions criteria.


Will postgraduate study improve my job prospects?

In general, having a postgraduate degree does improve job prospects, but it requires research and careful planning of how you will proceed after you finish the degree. By studying a postgraduate course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the field you want to work in. This is helpful to you when applying for jobs, as the employer will see from your CV that you have an active interest in the field and therefore are likely to be a good asset to their business. If you want to pursue an academic career, postgraduate degrees are especially useful, as they show dedication to study – particularly a master’s degree.

Our Postgraduate Programmes


This programme will provide students with the skills they need to become a successful manager in a variety of industries.


This international qualification will equip you with the latest management and leadership skills


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing field of finance and investment


Obtain the essential marketing skills required by today’s top organizations.

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