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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

Business School

Madeleine Creer

Madeleine Creer,

Our graduate Madeleine Creer discusses her experience studying at LSBF. She achieved a Global MBA with a specialisation in Investment Banking. She discusses the skills she had to develop to achieve her MBA, including time management and being on top of her finances. She thanks the tutors for their great support and the opportunity to meet and interact with a range of different students. Madeleine hopes that one day she can become a lecturer and teach students herself – and her Global MBA will definitely help with that.

More student testimonials

Dan Hadley

Dan Hadley, Australia

Dan chose to study his MBA online with London School of Business, opting for the specialisation in management consulting. As a professional management consultant and economist, the flexibility of online study allowed Dan to work around his clients’ needs and other commitments.

Claire Tiphine

Claire Tiphine, Italy

“This course gave me a lot of basic excels, tips and tricks which I think are super useful for other purposes and a lot of real world knowledge as well as obviously being able to model financial statements’’

Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot

Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot, India

"I found this course very useful for my career. When I did this MBA it really helped me to make certain management decisions."

Michael Vos

Michael Vos, Netherlands

I looked up very big schools with a good image and reputation and I found out that the LSBF programme would fit for me. I find the study material to be very professional and new.

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