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Madeleine Creer

Madeleine Creer,

Our graduate Madeleine Creer discusses her experience studying at LSBF. She achieved a Global MBA with a specialisation in Investment Banking. She discusses the skills she had to develop to achieve her MBA, including time management and being on top of her finances. She thanks the tutors for their great support and the opportunity to meet and interact with a range of different students. Madeleine hopes that one day she can become a lecturer and teach students herself – and her Global MBA will definitely help with that.

More student testimonials

Maryanyane Makhondo

Maryanyane Makhondo, Botswana

Earning a degree from a highly-recommended school with flexible study options was at the top of Maryanyane’s priority list when searching for her perfect online course.

Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri

Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri, Kwait

"What I love about it is that you have the mentors with you all the time, trading next to you. You can ask whatever question you want. You really don't feel intimidated. It's very welcoming and very, very informative. It really changed the way I think about trading."

Ana Pavlova

Ana Pavlova, Bulgaria

LSBF has the most amazing teachers. They have strong industry experience in the specific field they are teaching which is really helpful.

Ana Stanel

Ana Stanel, Romania

Romanian native Ana Stanel chose to study LSBF’s Master in Strategic Marketing Online after several years working as a professional marketer.

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