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Carolina Duran Silva,


Carolina Duran Silva is a Mexican student, studying full time for an MBA. Working alongside such a multi-cultural group of classmates has helped her to develop her soft skills, building her confidence to take on working in the diverse team of multinational company Nestle. Carolina, is still working on her dissertation, but has already started work as Finance Controller for Nestle's Nespresso brand in Mexico. Before arriving at LSBF, she had 5 years industry experience, but studying as part of our diverse student body has helped her to develop her cultural awareness, team player and negotiating skills in an international context. “I chose LSBF because it was a multi-cultural school in London which also gave me the opportunity to be part of GGSB, and they offered tutoring for the CFA first level. My classmates were a multicultural group, who helped me to develop my soft skills, and many have become lasting friends. “My new role required me to interact in a multicultural environment and travel widely. Studying at LSBF has given me the perfect grounding for contributing to my multinational team, as I now have the team player and negotiating skills required to work confidently in this international environment.” What's your advice for new students? Enjoy every minute of you studies. Wait for the best opportunity for you and your career – don't rush into the first job that comes your way – be patient.

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Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri

Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri, Kwait

"What I love about it is that you have the mentors with you all the time, trading next to you. You can ask whatever question you want. You really don't feel intimidated. It's very welcoming and very, very informative. It really changed the way I think about trading."

Iñigo Martinez Gil

Iñigo Martinez Gil, Mexico

Iñigo completed for the four month Postgraduate Certificate in Finance and Management and secured an internship at global private equity firm. As soon as he returned to Mexico, he was offered a permanent position at the firm as an analyst, proving the course’s value.

Ana Alvarado

Ana Alvarado, Madrid

Ana Alvarado joined LSBF EE to scale up her marketing career and found the whole experience enriching. In her own words: “The material is great, the tutors are supportive and you get to learn the subject from a global perspective.”

Victor Bruno Guedes Teles

Victor Bruno Guedes Teles, Brazil

Victor graduated from LSBF in 2012, and is now an IT project leader for Oi, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Brazil.

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