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Business School

Chenkang Zhou,


International Sales at Hangsen Holding Co. Chenkang Zhou is a Chinese graduate who has pursued career as in international sales at Hangsen Holding Co, one of the major manufacturers in China. He saw his career reach a global level after he concluded his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at LSBF. “Even though I come from a different professional background, I’ve been successful in the business sector by adopting and using all of the academic knowledge I have gleaned in the UK. The management skills I learnt on my MBA course have also helped me to pursue a career at an international level.” What did you enjoy most about your course? As an international student, I noticed that the style of teaching and the way the classes were presented were different from what I had experienced before. For example, we discussed and debated many interesting topics throughout the course, which I found much more creative and engaging. Even more important is the fact that I have made deep and long-lasting friendships with my classmates through these interactive activities. Chenkang has always believed that where there is a will there is a way. He had made through his MBA and now is a proud LSBF graduate and young successful professional with the ultimate goal of starting his own business.

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Ana Stanel

Ana Stanel, Romania

Romanian native Ana Stanel chose to study LSBF’s Master in Strategic Marketing Online after several years working as a professional marketer.

Felipe Arana

Felipe Arana,

"I think it's the best thing I've done for my education."

Juan Camilo

Juan Camilo, Colombia

Juan Camilo Gomez is a Colombian student currently studying MSc in Marketing at LSBF Manchester. Juan and his friend, Ahmad Nabil Hasemy, attended the fourth week of the E.L.I.T.E.S Management and Leadership programme at the prestigious Liverpool Football Club Academy in June, and we asked him all about the experience.

Youssef El Shaikh

Youssef El Shaikh, Egypt

Although Youssef is only expected to graduate in 2014, he’s already a great example of a successful and hardworking student. Alongside his undergraduate course, he’s also one of the vice-presidents at the LSBF Student Association, where he leads several projects, events and campaigns.

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