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Hone your strategic leadership skills with

Strategic Leadership and Change Course

Intake: 5th August - 8th August 

Duration: 4 days  

Certified by: CPD-Continuing Professional Development

The Benefits And Comparative Advantage Of International Trade

This blog will help you realise how completing an LLM in international business law degree can help you expand your…

Top 5 Online Short Courses In 2022

Are you wondering what avenues to pursue in order to develop your professional skills and knowledge? Read this blog to…

Benefits Of Doing ACCA

Read this article to find out how possessing an ACCA qualification can allow you to stay on top of legislation…

How To Study ACCA While Working

This article focuses on the factors that make preparatory ACCA qualifications offered in London, a good option for students who…

What Is Strategic Marketing And Why Is It So Important?

In the recent few years, the term strategic marketing or otherwise known as a marketing strategy has become a buzzword…

6 Essential Project Management Skills For Achieving Professional Success

Being a successful project manager requires more than just earning relevant qualifications and undergoing real-time training. Read on to find…

How Long Does It Take To Complete ACCA?

If you are keen on starting an accounting career, you must have already heard of the finest route to reaching…

Why is social media marketing considered important?

Have you been wondering what makes it possible for an ad, posted by a content creator, to reach billions of…

Detailed guide about time limits for ACCA exams

ACCA is a professional body of accounting which offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification to eligible candidates. This international body…

Skills required to become a data scientist in 2021

A lot changed in the business world between 2016 and 2021 but what remained unchanged is the value of data…

The impact of the Brexit deal on the accountancy sector

After months of uncertainty and political wrangling, a Brexit deal was finally announced on Christmas Eve 2020. The deal includes…

The Rise of Mobile Accounting

Accounting has always been a field that’s associated with piles of paperwork, spreadsheet and staggering numbers. Using computers to carry…

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