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Reem Youssri,


25 year old Reem from Sweden completed the LLM in International Business Law with distinction in 2011 and has applied the knowledge gained to her Associate role at the Swedish Tax Office. "Corporate taxation law is such a vital part to the work of a corporate lawyer, yet the majority of young corporate lawyers are not deeply familiar with taxation law, resulting in many lawyers and law firms looking to accountants for help. My current role provides me with a great advantage when going back to practicing corporate law. One of the key skills I learnt at LSBF was the ability to be completely independent and challenge myself. In the final coursework for each module we had the chance to research and choose the topic we were interested in (pursuant to an approval). In order to find a good legal issue suitable for LLM coursework one has to understand the law and how to use it. Moreover, one learns to be independent, analytical, organised and confident, skills which are essential when practicing law." What did you enjoy about most about your course? "We were a select number of people compared to other universities, which allowed one the get the most out of the lectures and seminars and maintained a friendlier relationship with the professors. Also, it made it easier for the course leaders to accommodate any issues. There was always the feeling of being part of a team with the professors rather than them being superior to the students."

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Michael Vos

Michael Vos, Netherlands

I looked up very big schools with a good image and reputation and I found out that the LSBF programme would fit for me. I find the study material to be very professional and new.

Luis Fernando Arrazola

Luis Fernando Arrazola, Colombia

Luis graduated in 2012 and found that having an MBA and the international academic experience unique to LSBF notably improved his professional profile. After returning to Colombia, he became a City Manager at Groupon Inc.

Naz Büke Günay

Naz Büke Günay, Turkey

Naz Büke Günay, is a Turkish MBA UoW student, who has found that studying abroad at LSBF has given her the confidence she needed to succeed in her financial career – she is currently an Associate at PWC.

Chenkang Zhou

Chenkang Zhou, China

Chenkang Zhou is a Chinese graduate who has pursued career as in international sales at Hangsen Holding Co, one of the major manufacturers in China.

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