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Business School

Claire Tiphine

Claire Tiphine,


“This course gave me a lot of basic excels, tips and tricks which I think are super useful for other purposes and a lot of real world knowledge as well as obviously being able to model financial statements’’

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Robertus Dorpmans

Robertus Dorpmans, Netherlands

“The modules were really interesting and very applicable to my work. I like the fact it was taught by professors who came from a business environment."

Purity Laird

Purity Laird, Kenya/UK

The only thing standing between Purity and her ambitions to work for her dream organisations in Kenya was an MBA. Purity was already a Chartered Accountant and working full-time in a demanding role, so an online programme was the best route for her to earn her master’s degree.

Danilo Mura

Danilo Mura, Italy

Danilo Mura, an Italian Masters in Business (MIB) GGSB student, and one of the youngest members of the L’Oreal Italia sales team, has used his experience of studying at LSBF’s uniquely international and multi-cultural school to help boost his current role in a global organisation.

Laila Machado

Laila Machado, Brazil

“After this course, I have the tools to better explain myself and to give the best arguments, I can contribute better with marketing plans or communication plans’’

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