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Strategic Leadership and Change Course

Intake: 5th August - 8th August

Duration: 4 days


Business School

Juan Jose Delgado

Juan Jose Delgado,


Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon UK Juan saw studying at LSBF as a great opportunity to develop his management skills and to become involved with the UK marketplace. Juan said: “The international exposure at LSBF was huge, not only the lecturers, but also my colleagues were completely international. The mix of cultures helped me to understand business as a global techno-structure and to establish international networking links.” LSBF has boosted his professional career. The qualification he gained helped him secure a role as Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Burger King Corporation. Juan then went on to gain his current position; Senior Marketing Manager for Amazon UK. Juan said that the most valuable thing he learnt at LSBF was the ability to manage different cultures, ideas and opinions. What's your advice for new students? Make the best of your experience, try to be involved as much as you can with all the external activities that the school offers you and always, always think big.

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Caroline Cisco

Caroline Cisco,

Listen to Caroline Cisco, an Online Global MBA (Financial Management) student, who shares her experience of studying online at LSBF. Caroline gives an insight into her LSBF journey and shares advice to individuals looking to take their career to the next level.

Robertus Dorpmans

Robertus Dorpmans, Netherlands

“The modules were really interesting and very applicable to my work. I like the fact it was taught by professors who came from a business environment."

Juan Camilo

Juan Camilo, Colombia

Juan Camilo Gomez is a Colombian student currently studying MSc in Marketing at LSBF Manchester. Juan and his friend, Ahmad Nabil Hasemy, attended the fourth week of the E.L.I.T.E.S Management and Leadership programme at the prestigious Liverpool Football Club Academy in June, and we asked him all about the experience.

Juan Jose Delgado

Juan Jose Delgado, Spain

Juan graduated in 2012 after coming to London to study at LSBF. He is currently employed by one of the biggest digital companies in the world; Amazon UK, as a Senior Marketing Manager. He chose LSBF because of their international environment, and clear idea of what an MBA should be.

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