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Ana Alvarado

Ana Alvarado,


Ana Alvarado joined LSBF EE to scale up her marketing career and found the whole experience enriching. She liked the diversity on her course and gets to meet different people from around the world. Ana also said that the tutors are very supportive meaning she can easily grasp the subjects as the tutors relate current industry trends to the subjects they teach. In her own words: “The material is great, the tutors are supportive and you get to learn the subject from a global perspective.”

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Simon Peter Tellenbach

Simon Peter Tellenbach,

He explains how he enjoyed studying online in the evenings and weekends and felt supported by the LSBF faculty throughout the programme.

Maryanyane Makhondo

Maryanyane Makhondo, Botswana

Earning a degree from a highly-recommended school with flexible study options was at the top of Maryanyane’s priority list when searching for her perfect online course.

Faysal Mikati

Faysal Mikati, Lebanon

"The flexibility that LSBF offers is what appealed to me. It gave me a lot of insight and value in how to be a global entrepreneur, not just in my own country but internationally."

Ahmad Nabil Hashemy

Ahmad Nabil Hashemy, Afghanistan

Ahmad Nabil Hashemy is a 21 year old student from Afghanistan studying ACCA full-time at LSBF in Manchester.

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