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Alexandra Mezhonova,


MBA graduate Alexandra is a great example of hard-working professional with a high-flying career. Still in her early 20s, she works as an online marketing project manager for high fashion brands in Forward 3D, one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the UK. “Excellent education played a significant role in my career success, especially at the initial stage of the job interview. I have been perceived as a well-educated person and have been given a chance to confirm my abilities further on.” Alexandra manages a team of marketing professionals who are responsible for advertising and promoting high fashion brands across the glob al market. She believes that it is important to believe in yourself and not afraid to take the lead. “Case studies were the biggest part of our programme tuition. I always tried to take the role of the team leader which taught me how to manage people and assign the roles within the team. I have also learnt how to perform an effective networking, to build connections and don’t be afraid to lead people.”

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Frank Di Mercurio Garcia

Frank Di Mercurio Garcia, Spain

Frank Di Mercurio Garcia graduated from his Postgraduate Certificate in Management course in 2012. He has now laid the foundations of a successful career, working as an executive assistant for Global Fragrance Labs.

Maryanyane Makhondo

Maryanyane Makhondo, Botswana

Earning a degree from a highly-recommended school with flexible study options was at the top of Maryanyane’s priority list when searching for her perfect online course.

Lyazzat Zhussupova

Lyazzat Zhussupova, Khazakstan

“There were a lot of lectures and modules that were useful for me. In my current job I still use this knowledge and new skills."

Joseph Ubong

Joseph Ubong, Nigeria

Though Joseph Ubong had already earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree before studying with London School of Business and Finance, he says the Master in Finance and Investments is his first truly global degree.

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