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From The World of Business: February 2014 Highlights

Welcome to this month’s round-up of some of the most interesting news this month. These are just a few of…

Hope for Europe as Commission looks to growth

The European Commission has raised its growth predictions for the UK and the eurozone. Is Europe’s financial fortune changing for…

Japan Trade Deficit Soars

Japan’s trade deficit has shot upwards as aggressive monetary policy has affected import costs. We look into the key factors…

Is The London Underground Strike Set To Cost UK £200 million?

In multiple reports published yesterday, business leaders have claimed that the London tube strikes may cost the UK economy £200m.…

Where Is The Troubled UK Housing Market Headed?

As property values in Britain climb higher and higher, fears of a property bubble bursting grow more realistic. But the…

The $100bn Handshake: M&As Witness Early Year Roar

The ‘business takeover’ spiel has had an astonishing start in the new year – valued at over $100 billion. We…

The Big Freeze: Will Polar Vortex ‘Cool’ The Economy?

As North America gets caught in a vicious Polar Vortex that has left most of the continent well below the…

The Language Question: Addressing UK’s Achilles’ Heel

Foreign languages are some of the decisive skills for a global career. We explore the ways in which we could…

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