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Juan Camilo,


Juan Camilo Gomez is a Colombian student currently studying MSc in Marketing at LSBF Manchester. Juan and his friend, Ahmad Nabil Hasemy, attended the fourth week of the E.L.I.T.E.S Management and Leadership programme at the prestigious Liverpool Football Club Academy in June, and we asked him all about the experience. How has the LFC E.L.I.T.E.S Management and Leadership programme helped you? “Being able to develop leadership abilities is essential for business life, and living it from a sports perspective is even more interesting as we see how to handle problems, the use of tactics, strategy, analysis and how to handle psychology in our favour. This can be applied not only to business but to our daily lives.” Is there one particular module or practical session that you felt you learned most from? “There was a session in which we were shown statistics and a complete report about a game. The truth is that information is always available, but we don't always know how to use it, or how to read it in a strategic way. Rather we let emotions control our decision.” What makes this Management and Leadership programme so unique? “It's not a theoretical program where you sit and listen, distant from reality; it mixes theory and practice, guided by experts that are applying this daily and at a professional level. It's like taking a journalism programme on-site at the BBC headquarters!” You met a couple of LFC legends on the programme – how was that? “We all dream of playing a game at a stadium, scoring at a final, but few people have actually lived that experience. These legends didn't just play with Liverpool, they placed their name in the clubs history by scoring at decisive moments or breaking records which are still unbeaten. Hearing what went through their mind at that time, how they lived each moment, and how they look back at it is a unique experience.” What advice would you give to people wanting to enrol on this programme? “To make the most of the programme, I'd recommend you read up on the history of Liverpool Football Club before you attend. Other than that, get ready for an unforgettable week!”

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Youssef El Shaikh

Youssef El Shaikh, Egypt

Although Youssef is only expected to graduate in 2014, he’s already a great example of a successful and hardworking student. Alongside his undergraduate course, he’s also one of the vice-presidents at the LSBF Student Association, where he leads several projects, events and campaigns.

Alina Novikova

Alina Novikova, Latvia

Alina graduated in 2011. As a result of the skills she acquired while studying at LSBF, she shortly afterwards secured an account manager role for strategic clients in the life sciences division at TransPerfect.

Luis Fernando Arrazola

Luis Fernando Arrazola, Colombia

Luis graduated in 2012 and found that having an MBA and the international academic experience unique to LSBF notably improved his professional profile. After returning to Colombia, he became a City Manager at Groupon Inc.

Iñigo Martinez Gil

Iñigo Martinez Gil, Mexico

Iñigo completed for the four month Postgraduate Certificate in Finance and Management and secured an internship at global private equity firm. As soon as he returned to Mexico, he was offered a permanent position at the firm as an analyst, proving the course’s value.

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