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In Pictures: Trading and Market Analysis Week 2014 at LSBF

In Pictures: Trading and Market Analysis Week 2014 at LSBF

For five days, a classroom at LSBF’s London City Campus has been converted into a fully-fledged trading floor as students in the GGSB MSc in Finance programme took part in the Trading & Financial Market Analysis week 2014, a practical experience in trading and risk management.

The programme was delivered in partnership with Amplify Trading Ltd, a City of London trading firm that specialises in market analysis, global trading, professional training and trader development.



Here are some snapshots from this memorable event!

Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.17.55-Copy (1)

 Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.33.51-Copy

Trading -Week -1-Copy


During the programme, each student had personal use of their own trading desk. As live audio feeds were delivered from Amplify trading floors, students were able to engage in discussions and analyses with leading industry professionals.

 Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.16.21-Copy

 Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.17.17-Copy

Over the course of the programme, students went through several steps of development, including initial market analysis, classes in theory, experience-building, multi-asset class exposure and career development.

 Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.18.32-Copy

 Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.19.09-Copy


Screen -Shot -2014-04-10-at -16.19.37-Copy


They also gained practical knowledge in areas such as equities, foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income and multi-asset trading.


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