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5 Ways to Beat ACCA Results Day Nerves

5 Ways to Beat ACCA Results Day Nerves

With your ACCA grades just about to arrive, we thought we’d suggest a few proven tactics for combatting results day anxiety.

We hope you’re about to get the news you’ve been hoping for!


Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t just help you beat a case of the jitters: it also aids learning and memory, not to mention your overall physical health. So, don’t stay up late worrying about your P7 percentage! Get your head down and think about your last summer holiday as you drift away to the land of nod.


Butterflies in the stomach can make even the most hardy among us lose our appetites. But skipping essential meals isn’t just bad for your health; it also does no good for emotional wellbeing. Have a nutritious breakfast on the big day and open your exam results with a swagger!

Be positive

Of course, the illusion of control affects even the most savvy finance professionals every now and again, and hoping for a good result isn’t going to change what comes through on results day. However, worrying about how badly you’ve done isn’t going to change your past performance either. Be positive, and if you don’t get the results you were hoping for, our tutors can show you how to learn from past mistakes when you resit your exams.

Put a plan in place

A great way to calm your nerves is to know what your plan of action is - whatever your results might be. This will take the mystery and uncertainty out of results day, and will help you map out the right course of action no matter what happens. Whether it’s brushing up your LinkedIn profile with your latest successful result, or consulting with your tutor and fellow students to find out why you didn’t do as well as you expected, you’ll know what your next move is from the get-go. And most important of all...


Breathing is an essential activity for all lifeforms - from goldfish to ACCA graduates and everything in between. In fact, holding your breath for an extended period of time could mean you don’t make it to results day at all. Breathe deeply, calmly, and feel the anxiety drain away.

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