Risk Management
Risk Management

Online Global MBA (Risk Management) Degree

Taking risks is a necessary part of business: organisations must take risks in order to grow. It is also very important for a business to control the degree of risk that it exposes itself to. This degree, delivered 100% online, covers the principles of risk management, giving you the specialist knowledge you need to make yourself indispensable to an organisation.

You will know how to turn risks and threats into business opportunities. Crucially, you will also know how to ensure your company complies with corporate governance and ethical standards. This degree will teach you how to form effective risk management plans – an invaluable skill in today’s business world.

Duration: Online 18-36 months
Start dates: Janury, April, July, October
Campus available: Online

Student Payment Plan available

  • UK undergraduate degree or equivalent – any subject area
  • English levels 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands) or equivalent*
  • Relevant work experience is an asset, but no work experience is required

*Don’t have the IELTS required? Get the IELTS preparation you need with The Language Gallery.

Stage I Marketing and Business Environment 
Accounting and Managerial Finance 
Systems and Operations Management 
Research Methods
Stage II Strategic Management and Leadership
Corporate Governance and Ethics 
Enterprise Risk Management 
Research Methods
Stage III Online Dissertation and Research Methods 

Specialisation Modules **


This module provides you with an awareness of the corporate governance requirements and ethical standards that companies are expected to maintain. This is, of course, vital to any business.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Define governance and explain its function in effective management, of both organisations and the resources for which they are accountable.
  • Evaluate the accountant’s role in risk assessment and management, and internal control (including review and compliance).
  • Exercise professional values and judgement through an ethical framework that is in the best interests of society and the profession, in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws and regulations.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.


This module will provide you with an understanding of business risk factors, the ability to recognise risk and the skills to turn threats into a competitive advantage.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Appraise a variety of risk management strategies that can be used to turn risk factors into value-creating opportunities.
  • Identify, generate and justify enterprise wide approaches to risk management.
  • Analyse risk management goals and objectives, and use risk assessment to generate risk management strategies.
  • Use theoretical insights into risk management to create risk management processes, measures and capabilities.
  • Formulate and justify risk management strategies for given or self-selected enterprises.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

**All specialisations are subject to student demand

Core Modules

Detailed information about the core modules can be found on the Global MBA Programme Structure page.

Career Direction

Today more than ever, risk management is a vital discipline. The roles below are just some of those which are concerned with this important issue:

  • Risk Surveyor
  • Regulatory Risk Manager
  • Risk and Governance Manager
  • Exit Strategy Manager


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Risk Management

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