Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management
Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management
Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management

Luis Fernando Arrazola

MBA Graduate, City Manager, Groupon

"I enjoyed the international scope of the MBA, which taught me to view businesses and companies from a global perspective."

Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management

Online Global MBA (Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management)

Shape one of the most interesting and varied sectors in business. This degree, delivered 100% online through Study Interactive, will give you a strategic understanding of hospitality, sport and tourism management, as well as global marketing. You will acquire advanced insight into the challenges these sectors face, and learn how to use leadership and marketing skills to turn possible threats into opportunities.

Case studies and seminars with industry experienced tutors will prepare you to apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios. As a result, you will be able to make an instant impact and lead the way forward for your organisation.

Duration: Online 18-36 months
Start dates: Every 12 weeks
Campus available: Online

Modular Payment plan available

  • UK undergraduate degree or equivalent – any subject area
  • English levels 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands) or equivalent*
  • Relevant work experience is an asset, but no work experience is required

Students who fail to meet academic requirements can be assessed on their relevant work experience (3 years management experience minimum for mature study route)

*Don’t have the IELTS required? Get the IELTS preparation you need with The Language Gallery.

Stage I Marketing and Business Environment 
Accounting and Managerial Finance 
Systems and Operations Management 
Research Methods
Stage II Strategic Management and Leadership
Strategic Hospitality Sport and Leisure Management 
Global Marketing Management 
Research Methods
Stage III Online Dissertation and Research Methods 

LSBF has partnered with InterActive Pro to power and support the online Global MBA degree programme.

Specialisation Modules **


Gain an in-depth understanding of the hospitality, sport and tourism sectors. Management theory will be customised and applied through case study analysis, discussion with industry management practitioners, seminars and research.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate changes in hospitality, sport and tourism management and their implications for managers in these industries.
  • Apply management theories to issues in hospitality, sport and tourism management.
  • Conduct new research and report on existing research on hospitality, sport and tourism management.
  • Study, plan and recommend management practices for an organisation operating in the hospitality, sport and tourism management sectors.
  • Evaluate organisational leadership and the drive it can provide for companies in the hospitality, sport and tourism management sectors.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.


Globalisation is influencing many aspects of the business world, therefore top management has a responsibility to respond and develop approaches that prepare organisations for its effects.

This module develops an understanding of international marketing environments, global strategies and the components of global marketing plans.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Assess the main approaches to global marketing and evaluate the information required to implement effective global marketing decisions, policies and strategies.
  • Appraise the key marketing practices employed by international organisations in various contexts.
  • Create and evaluate a marketing plan, taking into consideration the range of advanced skills required to design and apply a marketing plan for a global institution.
  • Examine the international marketing environment and its impact on marketing strategy formulation for a given global organisation.
  • Identify management issues in the area of global marketing, paying particular attention to market entry strategies and courses of action within the situation-dependent context.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

**All specialisations are subject to student demand

Core Modules

Detailed information about the core modules can be found on the Global MBA Programme Structure page.

Career Direction

This degree does not restrict you to the hospitality, sport and tourism sectors. The knowledge of marketing techniques and strategy you acquire will make you an asset to any company. Potential job roles include:

  • Hotels Area Manager
  • Regional Marketing Coordinator
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Director of Sponsorship Services
  • Sales Manager
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Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management

"Interacting with a diverse group of students has shaped me into an international professional with understanding of cultural differences and a proficiency in working with multicultural teams"

Luis Fernando Arrazola
City Manager at Groupon
MBA Graduate