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Frank Di Mercurio Garcia,


Frank Di Mercurio Garcia graduated from his Postgraduate Certificate in Management course in 2012. He has now laid the foundations of a successful career, working as an executive assistant for Global Fragrance Labs. “One of the great things about studying at LSBF is having the opportunity to interact with people from other countries and other cultures. It is very enriching to have met all the friends I did while studying for my postgraduate course at LSBF.” Frank is now enjoying the flexibility of his current role, where he gets the chance to see how different departments operate. “As I work for a small company I’m not focused on one only thing; I have to be very flexible in order to take care of different departments.” LSBF also helped Frank to improve his business specific English language skills. He plans to further his academic knowledge in the future, and is hoping to study an MBA. Advice to LSBF students and graduates “Do your best to improve every day and aim to do something you really like.”

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Iñigo Martinez Gil

Iñigo Martinez Gil, Mexico

Iñigo completed for the four month Postgraduate Certificate in Finance and Management and secured an internship at global private equity firm. As soon as he returned to Mexico, he was offered a permanent position at the firm as an analyst, proving the course’s value.

Sami Mathlouthi

Sami Mathlouthi, Tunisia

Sami Mathlouthi graduated in 2011 with an MBA in Finance & Investment Management. His experience working in international teams at LSBF helped him secure the position of Financial Analyst at Plena Capital Group just a few weeks after graduation.

Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri

Hessa Hamad Al Ameeri, Kwait

"What I love about it is that you have the mentors with you all the time, trading next to you. You can ask whatever question you want. You really don't feel intimidated. It's very welcoming and very, very informative. It really changed the way I think about trading."

Rotimi Oke

Rotimi Oke, Nigeria

Rotimi Oke graduated in 2011 with a Masters in International Business (MIB). He has utilised the networking skills he developed at LSBF to become Managing Director of Iretidu Limited, an investment holding company in Nigeria.

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