LSBF Graduation Ceremony 2022

LSBF Graduation Ceremony 2022

This year’s Graduation Ceremony was an opportunity for us at London School of Business and Finance to finally meet our online master’s students. The pandemic posed new challenges for us as online education became the norm, but it created the digital space for us to expand our remote learning programmes when the world needed accessible education. Some things have changed for the better, but one thing we couldn’t wait to return to was – IN-PERSON GRADUATION CEREMONIES!

After 2 years of holding virtual graduation ceremonies, we were finally able to return to the hallowed halls of the Church of St Andrews in Holborn, just a quick walk from our gorgeous central London campus! On Tuesday 4 October 2022, our students were celebrated for their academic accomplishments with family, friends, and the dedicated faculty who accompanied them throughout their learning journey.

The ceremony began with some words of wisdom from our Rector, Professor Maurits Van Rooijen. In his speech, graduates were imparted with five pieces of life advice for the future, which evoked a swell of emotion and quite a few laughs with his quiet sense of humor. All around you could see smiles, and tears of joy as the excited chatter echoed in the church. "It’s a major achievement,” our Rector told our graduates of their accomplishments, “I’m impressed and I’m proud of you!”

The atmosphere was special with people from around the world who traveled to London so they could celebrate receiving their degrees and finally meet their faculty and fellow classmates. Each year, we are proud to see so many graduates with different personalities from various cultures, professional and academic backgrounds, and experiences.

The achievements of LSBF graduates are a testament to the excellence of our degrees. Become part of our community of accomplished graduates and check out the courses that they have just completed. You can find out more about the programmes we offer and how to apply here.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended this long-awaited event! It was such a joy to meet our graduates and finish it all off with a glass of fizz. Now the fun part begins, and we look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in the future with your shiny new credentials. 😊

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