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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

LSBF Students Represent UK in International Debating Competition in Paris

LSBF Students Represent UK in International Debating Competition in Paris

Being committed to develop some of the world's most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, London School of Business & Finance travelled to Paris last weekend to be the only UK institution to compete in the international debating competition "The Negotiation Challenge" (TNC). Four LSBF students have been chosen to represent the institution against top universities from 13 different countries.

The LSBF negotiation team was one of only 18 teams to have progressed through the initial selection process of 50 teams from leading universities from all over the world. The team is formed by LSBF postgraduate students from programmes ranging from Law, Finance, to Management and International Business, who, sponsored by LSBF, flew to Paris last week.

The team experienced this international competition as an opportunity to build strong networking relationships with other future business leaders and successful entrepreneurs from top universities from all over the world. It also gave them the chance to put into practice the negotiation skills they have acquired from their courses and challenge themselves in order to recognize their true potential abilities in the business world.

Alexandra Gordina, LSBF Masters in International Business student, member of the Student Association and the team coordinator, says: "Having received excellent tuition and gained high level business skills from our tutors and advisors and thanks to LSBF's sponsorship, we have chosen a team that did school proud at the challenge. I believe we did very well and left quite a mark on our competitors. We can't wait to see the results"

Katharina Bojar, Elizabeth Kempski Baum, and Jad Younes, competed in an internal preliminary negotiation competition to determine the four finalists who would represent LSBF in Paris. Daniel Celino, Corporate Business Development Manager, and Roy Butcher, Academic Dean, worked together to assemble a team with diverse skills that would reflect the high talent of LSBF students.

Roy Butcher, Academic Dean, said: "LSBF tutors have prepared students for real life situations through case studies and Daniel Celino and I made sure these students were well prepared by engaging them in workshops until the day of their trip to Paris.

We know that the team will be evaluated on the quality of their preparation, teamwork, and their ability to achieve the best possible outcome during the negotiation. LSBF is honored to have been represented by such a talented group of negotiators."

TNC provides a competitive platform to help prepare students for the complex business negotiations that they will face after graduation. The contest allows students from leading universities from all over the world to come together and compete against each other in realistic team negotiation situations. Participating in TNC offers a great opportunity to experience diverse ways of negotiation and to meet and network with students from various countries with different backgrounds and cultures.

Results will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn about the event or view the results visit the TNC official website.

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