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UK universities commit to online learning

UK universities commit to online learning

Last month, Times Higher Education reported that they expect over half of the 120 mainstream UK universities to commit strategically to online learning in the coming year.

It seems to mark a moment of intensifying e-learning growth in the UK - even more so as institutions aim to reach out to the global marketplace.

The report stated that ‘at least 30 UK universities are now strategically engaging with online learning to target the global market. They offer a wide range of programmes, predominantly taught master’s, and are investing in recruitment as well as production and delivery.’

This includes over 1,400 online master’s level courses that are already on offer from UK institutions, ranging from professional training to full degrees.

This is not only good news for distance learners: the drive for technological change will mean developments in online pedagogy, which will also improve the on-campus experience for traditional students. They’ll also get a chance to utilise online learning channels outside of lectures and seminars, and in this technological age, they will no doubt demand these changes.

The push to develop more focused online learning strategies among UK institutions will mean greater competition, and in effect, a greater drive for innovation to power the future of e-learning.

The UK education system has been comparatively slower than the American universities, which have long been exploring the possibilities and engaging with what is a booming industry. For some, e-learning is a huge pool of potential, but the problem they’ve have had is thinking about the best ways to utilise it.

On the other hand, many institutions in the UK have already proven how successful online learning programmes can be. LSBF is one of a number of schools who have been reaching the global market, with students from over 160 countries taking their online courses.

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