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Trading Places: How To Work In The City?

Trading Places: How To Work In The City?

Getting a foot in the trading door has become increasingly difficult with graduate programmes being cut and a tightening on in-house education. LAT, in partnership with LSBF, offers a solution …


A key is gaining practical experience and role-specific ‘transferable’ training in a professional environment – step forward the London Academy of Trading (LAT). A part of Aldersgate Investment Management Group LLP, the LAT was formed to give trainees the tools they need to become successful in global financial market trading.


LAT offers a Diploma in Applied Financial Training, which is accredited by the Association of Business Practitioners and regulated by OFQUAL. That means you get a qualification recognised by the industry. This Level 5 diploma aims to provide the foundations and knowledge to start a successful career in financial market trading across Forex, Futures, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. It was stressed that the diploma does not just teach you about making money – it is about getting a qualification that has real value too.

The programme is also good for those who are not academically strong – the emphasis is on the practical, but be warned there is still a two-hour closed book written exam at the end of the programme. You will be expected to trade every day and provide P&L reports. A strategy presentation is another key part of the final phase. This is good preparation for anyone who will be later looking for private investors.


Online learning is a key part of the programme and there are pre-recorded and daily webinars to download and watch. All together you get around 350 hours of tutoring. In the last month (and it’s a three/four month course) you go onto the trading floor were you are guided and mentored in trading techniques.

The cost of the course is around £5,000, and there is an opportunity to pay by instalments. The courses also start every month on a rolling basis. LAT’s Natasha Page said that if anyone is really interested then she is more than happy to arrange a ‘taster’ lesson.  That is a genuine offer and be careful you will be hooked, it is really good fun!


Fancy being a City trader? LAT’s Professional Trading Financial Programme that awards a Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Training, in partnership with LSBF, is designed to teach students how to become a successful trader.


A version of this article was published in NQ Magazine

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