Successful SMEs build upon excellent employees

Successful SMEs build upon excellent employees

Attracting the right employees and having a welcoming atmosphere at work can spell the difference between success and failure for your SME.

To improve your business, you need create the right work environment and find the best team to help develop your firm into a success. If you can keep employees loyal, happy, and develop their skills, they’re more likely to want to stay with you for most of their career. This is especially important if you find an exceptional candidate.

Coffee breaks help to build work relationships

The work environment is an integral part of attracting employees, according to a survey from YouGov, commissioned by Nescafé Algeria. A friendly atmosphere and close relationships between colleagues and bosses, were key benefits that attracted employees to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

“Better relationships are a key factor in why people are opting to work for a SME, and coffee breaks have been identified as a key opportunity for employees to build upon them,” said Katrina Webb, category manager for Nescafé Algeria.

Keep looking for outstanding recruits

The ability to find brilliance among a pool of average candidates can often be the crucial reason some SMEs succeed over others. An article from The Telegraph outlines a number of tips that should help SMEs find a star recruit, and we’ve listed some below.

  • Stay on the lookout – Even if you do not have any current vacancies, keep an eye out for any talented individuals that may be of value to your business. As your company grows, you’ll need to continue to hire capable people with new and diverse skillsets.  


  • Make your interviews positive and encouraging – If your interviewee is happy, confident and impressed when they leave the room, you’ve succeeded. They’ll likely become advocates of your firm even if you don’t hire them, which could see you reaping the rewards a few years down the line when they have become experienced professionals. 


  • Be patient – If you haven’t found the right candidate, don’t panic hire someone, you can afford to leave the position vacant if you don’t think you have interviewed the right person.


  • Create space for exceptional candidates – One advantage of being an SME is that you can create roles where you see fit, making space for anyone outstanding you’ve come across. Take the time to train them up in skills they lack and you’ll likely find yourself with a loyal employee.


  • Inform recruits why you hired them – Tell your new employee why you hired them, and mention the skills and values you think they will add so they know what you’re expecting from them.


  • Be flexible – Allow the right candidates room to manoeuvre. Let them work from home or keep unusual hours if their situation warrants it, especially if you feel you’ve found someone who will add considerable value to the business.


  • Have an original interviewing process – The formal traditional interview process doesn’t work for everyone and often fails to reveal enough for you to make an informed decision. Maybe allow a candidate to spend a day at your office to meet the rest of the firm, that way you can get feedback from your whole team.


  • Upskill your employees – Run workshops and fund training for your staff, this will show them you are serious about holding onto them for the long term and make them feel valued within the business.

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