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#StartupSpotlight: SATcase keeps you connected to the world, anytime and anywhere

#StartupSpotlight: SATcase keeps you connected to the world, anytime and anywhere

In this edition of Startup Spotlight, we speak with Jim Thomson, CEO of SATcase™, a reliable communications device aimed at keeping remote-area travellers and workers connected to the world at all times.


Elevator Pitch:

SATcase™ is a revolutionary new communications device that uses satellite technology to help keep people safe in remote areas of the globe.


Why SATcase™?

The ruggedised SATcase™ works in conjunction with an app to transform a person’s smartphone into a sophisticated satellite phone. It also includes a smart mix of rescue and personal security features, enabling workers and individuals to remain in constant communications via voice, text and email, whilst being tracked outside of mobile phone coverage.

To put it simply, the SATcase™ acts as a global communicator, powerful work tool and life-saving device in one, making it perfect for adventure-seekers, mariners, aviators and remote/lone workers.


How did it all begin?

I originally came up with the idea for SATcase™ in 2011, during work on a previous project to rapidly deploy helicopters for Search and Rescue operations. I noticed that the number of items crew members had to carry would encumber them in movement and that any one item could be easily lost or forgotten. I also realised that the one piece of equipment that was likely to always be present was a person’s smartphone, with all their contacts readily available. I went on to investigate whether a number of technologies could be integrated into one simple device and the idea behind SATcase™ was born.

I actually started off designing SATcase™ on my kitchen table but quickly set-up a virtual office at Harwell Innovation Centre. I hired my first employee in early 2014 and we both worked from my house for a while. It wasn’t long before we moved into a small office based at the centre. We’ve since expanded and our team has grown to 10-15 people, based in both the UK and Canada.


And the financing?

Initially, I was able to get the ball rolling thanks to some financial help from family members. The business is now funded through private investment, which came through a combination of responses we had to PR and networking.


What’s next for SATcase™?

We have been going through an intense period of research and development so the main objective now is to prepare the product for market and launch in summer. The reception SATcase™ has received in Canada and Australia has been very exciting so we are keen to increase our presence in those countries and all across the globe. Our main ambition at SATcase™ though, of course, is to help keep people safe by providing reliable global communication.



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