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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

#StartupSpotlight: MoveHub makes moving abroad simple

#StartupSpotlight: MoveHub makes moving abroad simple

In this edition of Startup Spotlight, we speak with Ben Tyrrell, Head of MoveHub, a London-based startup dedicated to international removals that has helped over 450,000 people move since its launch last year.


Elevator Pitch:

MoveHub is a one-stop shop for people who want to move abroad; our site will tell you everything you need to know about your prospective city from the best residential areas to buy a house in to where to go for the best food to the rankings of local schools and when you are ready to relocate.


Why MoveHub?

As the nature of business becomes more international, the need for people to relocate their staff as seamlessly as possible will increase. Busy modern lifestyles mean that many people can’t spend hours researching their destination and comparing prices for shipping and packing.

MoveHub’s experts will pair you with the right packing, shipping and removals team to make your move as easy as possible. Our service takes the pain out of moving so that people can focus on their families, their new job or fitting into their new surroundings.


How did it all begin?

MoveHub was started in 2013 by the team behind MVF, one of the UK’s leading tech companies. I was brought in because of my background working in the removals industry. I was always really frustrated with how stressful the process of moving was, making what should be an exciting new opportunity something really negative for most people.

We wanted to use the unifying properties of the internet to put everything a customer would need in one place, and give them all of the information to plan their move, taking the stress out of the situation entirely.

We started with a small but dynamic team and have grown really rapidly. We now have a great mix of talented and passionate people from all corners of the globe, most of whom know what it is like to pack up and move your life overseas, so we are experts in what we do.


And the financing?

Our company has just received major investment from leading private equity firm Bridgepoint so this is a real turning point for MoveHub. We plan to expand our offering in the coming years and open more international offices.

The fact that MoveHub has been identified as a growing business with the potential to scale up just validates our efforts and confirms that we identified a real gap in the market.


What’s next for MoveHub?

The MoveHub team will be growing and we will be expanding overseas. People say that divorce, death and moving house are the most stressful things in life - our ultimate aim is to take moving off the list!



Startup Spotlight is a weekly column where LSBF speaks with the leaders of young start-ups and businesses with a view to inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. If you’d like your company to be featured here, contact us at blog@lsbf.org.uk

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