#StartUpSpotlight: Hot Since 91

#StartUpSpotlight: Hot Since 91

This month, Gold Mokwe - founder of Hot Since 91 - shares the story of how she brings nostalgic flair to events.


What’s the elevator pitch?

Hot Since 91 is a curated range of events and creative content with a social aim of bringing about diversity and unity through nostalgia. 


Why we should keep an eye on it

Because nothing of its kind exists worldwide. The brand is fresh, innovative, and has grown drastically yet organically through our loyal following who have experienced the events and/or enjoy our content with unique concepts that have yet to reach the masses.


The story and the people behind the startup

I was born in 1991. Being the last born, with four siblings who were born in the 80s and all raised in the 90s, I grew up developing a great love for the 90s through the vivid memories of watching my brothers and sisters listening to 90s music, watching 90s movies and following the 90s fashion trends.


With vintage fashion and other nostalgic trends on the come up and here to stay, I saw a gap in the market for such a specialised platform and decided to start up Hot Since 91.


I started off just curating immersive events under the Hot Since 91 name. Through creative marketing methods and unique branding, an opportunity to also build an online presence aside from the events arose. Hot Since 91 became the go-to for all things 90s through the curation and creation of original nostalgia-inspired content.


What happens next? What’s the long-term ambition?

As there are many aspects to what the Hot Since 91 brand does, there are many possibilities and plans in which the business will evolve.


The plan is to take the events on tour first nationally in areas of interest such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Liverpool, and Kent. Then we will tour internationally, taking the events to cities such as New York, Berlin, and Paris. The events we curate will also eventually be done on an even bigger scale as an outdoor festival in London once a year.


On the content side of things, Hot Since 91 plans to make its mark as the go-to platform and content creation agency for nostalgic branded digital content.


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