SEO Link Building: 5 Must Reads

SEO Link Building: 5 Must Reads

In an ever-increasing digital world, search engine optimisation is becoming more and more important when it comes to getting your company noticed. Link building is a vital part of SEO as it raises the credibility of your brand in the eyes of Google and, therefore, in the eyes of consumers.

LSBF’s Strategic marketing course covers the importance SEO link building and content marketing in depth, but for now, here are five insightful reads that can help you set the ball rolling.


Link Building Tactics – The Complete List, Jon Cooper

This definitive list is a great go-to page for anyone looking to develop their link building abilities. The article itself has a clear structure, and uses terminology which is easy to understand. There’s even a search function, allowing you to identify the tactic which is most appropriate for you; you can select the amount of time you have, as well as the link value and dependency on other sources to filter the results and find exactly what you need.


How to use social media as a link building tool, Christian Arno

Although it dates back to 2013, Christian Arno’s article remains relevant to SEO link building in 2017. With an emphasis on utilising social media as a link building tool, Arno discusses identifying targets, contributing to conversation, creating content which adds value, and the best tools to use. The advice is simple but effective when implemented properly, making this article very much worth a read.


The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building, Paddy Moogan

Available in article and PDF format, this detailed guide is the ideal reading material for anyone looking to start learning about SEO link building. With seven different chapters, you can discover not only how to build links, and why it is so important. Covering tactics and metrics, there are also advanced tips for those who are more knowledgeable on the matter.


The Link Building Book, Paddy Moogan

For anyone who has read the above article and is finding themselves wishing there was more: there is! Penned by the same author, this eBook expands on the information Moogan has divulged in The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building. This book will teach you all about detecting link based penalties, building links using images, classifying links and much more. This is a great read, and has been recommended by many credible SEO websites.


Learn 50 Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimization, Shivani Karwal

Published this month, this is one of the most relevant and up-to-date publications you can find on SEO link building. This book will help you formulate ideas and get started when it comes to link building for your company’s website. The strategies included are applicable to a wide variety of businesses, so you’re bound to find a technique that suits you and your workplace goals.

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