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Online MBAs leading the way in digital degrees

Online MBAs leading the way in digital degrees

The online digital degree movement is gaining momentum, and looks increasingly set to take us into a new education paradigm.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the wildly popular MBA, which has become the must-have qualification for aspiring business aficionados.

Whereas general undergraduate online degree programmes are still in their youth, online MBA programmes seem to be growing. What has helped drive this positive shift in attitude is that some of the world’s best business schools are focusing on developing their online programmes. As reported by the financial times:

"Last year there was a small but significant increase in the take-up of programmes covered by the annual Financial Times Online MBA Ranking. Enrolment numbers on these course rose on average 7 per cent for the 15 schools in the 2016 ranking. Five more schools were added to this year’s ranking, reflecting an increase in online offerings from notable institutions.’’

Unlike traditional full-time MBA programmes, which have been shrinking at many schools in recent years, the online Global MBA market seems to be growing in popularity. Increasingly, the top business schools are seeing more people enrol for online courses than their on-campus programmes.

The question that many are now asking is: why the sudden spike in popularity? In the case of UK-based online MBA providers, it could be down to visa complications; obtaining a UK visa, especially in the wake of Brexit, may become increasingly difficult. Why not earn the same UK MBA degree through distance learning and remove the need to travel entirely?

Another reason for this increasing popularity is the great strides that have been made in the technical aspects of online learning. Many business schools are employing high production values, high-end video conferencing technology, and internet simulations that keep students engaged with classes. The way this technology has been utilised has also made online learning more accessible and engaging. Instead of long one or two hour video lectures, topics are divided into much more manageable chunks (often referred to as learning segments) which takes into account modern approaches to educational psychology.

Online MBA programmes have also addressed one of the main issues that prevented many from embarking on educational programmes. Studying online gives the students the flexibility to continue in their work endeavours, without having to sacrifice valuable work experience that can help them build their careers.

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