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LSBF Online Community Expands to over Half a Million Fans Worldwide

LSBF Online Community Expands to over Half a Million Fans Worldwide

LSBF is proud to announce that we have surpassed half a million followers on our social media channels. This latest achievement combines the followers from several platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

LSBF’s pioneering use of social media platforms has changed the way we communicate as an institution. With over 30 different channels, we provide daily enriching, value-adding content and engage in on-going conversations with potential and current students, faculty, alumni, colleagues and over 500,000 followers from all over the world – reaffirming our status as the world’s business school.

Over the years, we’ve broken barriers to give people from different backgrounds access to free information and knowledge with the development of applications such as the Global MBA and the LSBF Prep Centre for ACCA, which receive thousands of visitors every day. We have also hosted monthly contests which have given many students the opportunity to achieve their dream of studying in London to improve their skills and employability for free.

 Most Followed Business School in the UK

Earlier this year we reported that in surpassing 200,000 likes on our Official Facebook Page, LSBF has secured its position as the most followed business school in the UK. The platform was launched in 2010 to unite LSBF students around the world and provide them with a host of academic content, as well as competitions, insightful discussions and up-to-date LSBF news, such as the recent unveiling of our innovative Springboard Scholarship.

With over 200,000 likes, LSBF is not only the most followed Business school in the UK, but the page has more followers than the next seven most followed business schools and colleges combined.

Keep up to date with our key social media channels by visiting the following: LSBF OfficialLSBF Prep Centre for ACCALSBF Global MBALSBF Undergraduate Centre,LSBF Google+ and LSBF LinkedIn.

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