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LSBF - Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs

LSBF - Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs

You may be concerned about the stories in the news regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you wish to know more about the current situation and the government guidance please follow the below links:

Government guidance

NHS guidance 

“Is it safe to attend classes?”

Following the recent Government health guidance and in the interests of the health, well-being and safety of all members of the LSBF Professional Qualifications community, we have made the decision to suspend all face to face teaching at our Moorgate campus until further notice. We will continue to provide equivalent high-quality online learning, teaching and support services to all students. See your ACCA Online study options HERE.

To support you during this period, we are giving you additional contact with our tutors via our Live Online study mode. You will also receive a free deferral if your exam is cancelled: In the event of ACCA exam cancellations, we will honour course enrolments ‘like for like’ for the following sitting. i.e. if you are booked on tuition or tuition + revision course, we will honour the same classes for the following semester for free.

“Will exams go ahead as planned?”

There is no expectation that exams will be cancelled and we have a three-month gap to organise for this after the current exam period. Regarding the CBE papers taken on demand, please contact your local centre for information. For the latest ACCA exam information please check here.

“What will happen at campus if there are any suspected cases of Coronavirus?”

We will take immediate advice from public health professionals, and if necessary, we can move to our other learning channels including Recorded or Live Online. We are committed to run all courses as scheduled. This means that in the event that classroom tuition is not possible we will run the same schedule online. This way your study schedule will not be disrupted.

“Will I still be able to study if the situation gets worse?”

As stated above LSBF will continue to run online live courses even if there is no scope for classroom courses. We have put multiple tiers of contingency plans in place to ensure we will run our full suite of classes for both tuition and revision. As students of LSBF you already have online resources and direct access to your tutor. In the event of isolation, these communication channels will be closely monitored by our tutor team to ensure your questions are answered. No matter what we will be there to help.

“I have flu-like symptoms.”

Colds and flu are very common in the UK, particularly in the colder months.  If a student feels unwell, we recommend they follow NHS website guidance on self-care and stay home to recover.  The NHS do not recommend going to the hospital for flu-like symptoms, but to call 111 to speak to NHS staff for help. We advise maintaining good personal health hygiene and frequently washing hands to prevent the spread of germs. 

“Who is at risk of developing severe illness?”

While there is more to learn about how the coronavirus affects people, thus far, older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease) appear to be more at risk of developing severe disease.

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