LSBF Alumni Interview: Kyle Tyrrell

LSBF Alumni Interview: Kyle Tyrrell

LSBF ACCA alumnus Kyle Tyrrell is the true personification of a high achiever. Alongside his position as a Finance Business Partner at AXA Insurance UK, he qualified as an ACCA-certified accountant in 2014 and is now setting up his own business – a catering company called ‘My Little Kitchen’ with a business partner.

Kyle shares with us that his ACCA qualification and the things he learnt while working towards the qualification have helped him greatly in his decision-making as a director at his startup.

Kyle also was one of the finalists of the PQ Awards 2014, in the PQ of the Year category.

We spoke to Kyle about his reasoning behind pursuing an ACCA qualification, the benefits of studying ACCA at LSBF and what his advice for new students would be.


Here are some excerpts from our conversation with Kyle…

LSBF Team: How will the ACCA qualification from LSBF help your career progression?

Kyle Tyrrell: The best thing about working in finance with an ACCA qualification is that you get an access to all areas of the business. You are not only specifically working with marketing or sales, you are given access to the whole business. The fact that you are fully conscious of the business operations makes the financial sector constantly challenging, which is something great!


LSBF: What was the biggest benefit you gained from your time at LSBF?

Kyle: In the finance world, the ACCA qualification can open several doors. Since I started studying, one of the main things I have taken away is the foundation knowledge that ACCA gives you. You need to have the base-knowledge which you can then apply into the daily situations. If you haven’t got that, it can be difficult to progress this industry.


LSBF: What’s your advice for new students?

Kyle: Develop your knowledge base constantly. Sometimes, just having experience is not enough.


Since the beginning of his career, Kyle always knew the importance being constantly updated with the latest trends in the industry. As someone who’s passionate about what he does and strengthening his already established career in the financial industry, Kyle enjoys the challenges that only a career in finance with ACCA can provide – a thorough understanding of, and a role in, how businesses operate, rapid career growth, and truly international opportunities.


Studying ACCA at LSBF has bolstered Kyle’s journey towards achieving great heights in his career. Make your success story by applying here:

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