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LSBF Alumni Interview: Christiaan Heemskerk

LSBF Alumni Interview: Christiaan Heemskerk

LSBF Team: How has the postgraduate degree in Marketing from LSBF helped your career progression?

Christiaan Heemskerk: At Google, I am applying all the theories I have learned during my Internet and Digital Marketing Communications and Web Analytics classes at LSBF. They have given me a solid understanding of marketing in the digital environment that is proving invaluable.


LSBF: What was the biggest benefit you gained from your time at LSBF?

CH: Thanks to the knowledge and skills I gained at LSBF, I now have the opportunity to work with extremely talented people. Even though I have only just joined the company, my ideas and opinions are valued and taken into consideration.


LSBF: What’s your advice for new students?

CH: Make sure that you enrol in courses and work experience that prove to future employers that you are proactively developing your skills. Have fun, be persistent and network. Do something to stand out from the crowd and be prepared with creative answers for interviews.


In recent interview with Brand Republic’s Marketing Magazine, Christiaan said:

“The course helped me gain a better understanding of the marketing eco­system as a whole, and online marketing in particular. In my new business role it is vital to be able to understand a client’s objectives and how we can help achieve them. Being able to identify problems and having a wider, holistic view of the marketing environment is key.


One particular unit worth mentioning is digital marketing. I enjoyed the fact that the assignments were relevant to today’s digital marketing environment. The lecturer was professional and very knowledgeable about the subject. Another module I enjoyed was strategic sales management. The best part of the course was writing my thesis and combining my knowledge from all of the modules into one paper.


I would recommend that marketing professionals take specific courses. You can read a lot of general information on marketing online, but for specialised knowledge you need to take a focused course. Ideally you want to excel in one area – pick something you cannot find elsewhere – and choose your electives wisely. Think about which way you want to go, your own needs, goals and areas where you need to progress. Also consider what your employer needs and which areas of its marketing need strengthening. Make sure the course you take is in line with your goals.”



Christiaan’s road to success began with a Master’s degree in Marketing at LSBF. To find out more and apply now, click here: Master in Marketing Degree

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