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Is it time for a CV upgrade in London?

Is it time for a CV upgrade in London?

Although very popular amongst younger students, London is also a traditional destination for business executives who are looking for specialisation, a postgraduate degree and to acquire the skills needed to reach higher levels in their career ladders.


There are many reasons why further study in the UK is a popular choice. A postgraduate degree from a UK institution, for instance, is widely respected worldwide, giving professionals the chance to improve their CVs and gain international experience.

Danilo Mura, a Senior Member of L’Oreal Italy’s Sales team, saw a quick development in his career after he finished his Masters in International Business (MIB) at LSBF. “In sales, understanding customers’ needs is a priority when it comes to close a successful negotiation. In my view, intercultural management and international negotiation are core skills that help every day to match customer’s needs,” he said.

Delivering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as professional and short courses, LSBF is a popular choice amongst those looking for a CV upgrade. With a career-focused approach, LSBF receives students from 150 countries at its campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Toronto and Singapore.

LSBF aims to help professionals from all levels to achieve more in their careers.  We offer a broad portfolio of courses and programmes that allow us to meet an even broader spectrum of career demands. Our students take away the skills, knowledge and competencies to evaluate their current approach and improve business performance.

Aiming to meet the needs of executives and offer even more flexibility, LSBF has recently expanded its division of executive programmes. Ranging from Finance & Accounting to Marketing & Management, the programmes are offered in modules, covering the most essential topics of each subject.

The programmes can be taken at our London campus as well as online – an approach that helps education fit around the life of professionals who cannot commit long hours to study.

To learn more about LSBF, visit: /executive

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