How LSBF ACCA Helped Me Build a Great Career in Accountancy

How LSBF ACCA Helped Me Build a Great Career in Accountancy

Choosing a career at the age of 18 may sound a little premature to some – how do you know if you will be happy in the career path you choose and if it will meet all your expectations?

The experience of choosing your career path can be daunting. To be honest, I too, like many of you, was not sure what I wanted to become. I just knew I wanted to do a job that was challenging, rewarding and fulfilling. I always loved number-crunching, enjoyed analysing issues and was keen to know more about the financial issues that surround our economy.


I knew I had to make my final decision. I decided to choose ACCA at LSBF as it was a professional and reputable qualification which allowed me to educate myself further. It also gave me the opportunity to work in different areas of accounting, such as Management Accounts, Financial Management and Financial Reporting. Although there were many colleges to choose from, LSBF, in particular, stood out due to the well regarded lecturers and the staff who were very patient and helpful in making my decision.

My experience at LSBF has been a great and very memorable one. The teachers have been brilliant and are extremely passionate about the subjects they teach, along with providing excellent study materials to be successful in the examinations. The mock examinations have been a very useful tool in practicing time management and exam-style questions – they helped me gain first time passes for the majority of my exams.


I have met wonderful people at LSBF from multicultural backgrounds and have really enjoyed sharing different life experiences with them. I have met many friends who I cherish and who will always be an integral part of my life, as well as meeting the love of my life in a Taxation lecture!

Following my LSBF ACCA studies, I have been successful in getting a full time job in the NHS as a Senior Finance Analyst. Working for the NHS has been a very rewarding experience and I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained from studying for the ACCA qualification. My role is varied and holds a significant amount of financial responsibility in ensuring the budgets, monthly variance analysis and forecasting figures are accurate. Today’s economic conditions are unfavourable and there are also funding constraints on the public sector including the NHS, but I thoroughly enjoy my role and working in such a challenging environment.

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