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From corporations to cat care – Mike Elliot’s MBA journey

From corporations to cat care – Mike Elliot’s MBA journey

Mike Elliot MBA is Head of Operations at Cats Protection – the UK’s leading feline welfare charity with 35 adoption centres and 250 volunteer branches.

We sat down with him to highlight how his career has transitioned from working for corporations to entering the not-for profit sector. He also shares his advice on undertaking MBA’s.

Previously, Mike worked in the corporate world. He states that the best leaders recognise how to work with people effectively and understands how to bring out the best in them as well as making the best use of their skills; people are what make an organisation. A leader knows how to motivate and support their team but must also challenge individuals to help them achieve. He claims that personal development is vital and people should always look to improve their skills and this is also a way to move onto senior positions.

Mike’s MBA experience

He says the most important thing he gained from his MBA was the vast amount of theories and concepts he discovered which he can now apply to a number of different areas. Mike states that his MBA has shaped him to be the person he is today and the business skills he earnt whilst studying have been valued across his career. Therefore, he advises those considering an MBA to go for it but does say that you must be committed to it especially if you want to take the degree whilst working. You must create a balance between work and studying and it’s important to stick to a study plan. Mike recommends you ask your employer about studying within the workplace as his personal experience has shown him that employers can be very supportive.

Mike completed his MBA online due to his busy lifestyle at the time and completed his MBA as a mature student; he says this was an interesting experience due to combining personal and professional development.

If you’re keen to also undertake an MBA, check out our Global MBA course.

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