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Be who you want to be in business

Be who you want to be in business

If you woke up to find you had been granted the opportunity to be anyone else in business world, who would you choose? Who do you look up to and most aspire to be like?

In the following article we take a closer look at LSBF’s nifty new application tool, which aims to allow you to answer such ambivalent questions. 

LSBF is relaunching its Course Selector application, an innovative web-based application designed to inspire students to be the best they can be in business. Divided into three sections – industry, study mode and career level, the app enables students to select a range of different options tailored to their individual career goals.

Flavio Cabral, Head of LSBF’s Executive and Short Programmes, commented: “We really wanted to convey to the next generation of students that they have the power to be whoever they want to be in business. Whether they aspire to work in investment banking or accounting, they should have access to the resources necessary to help them achieve such goals. This is the premise of the Course Selector – matching students’ interests with relevant courses, in order to provide them with the necessary skills needed to excel in their chosen industry.”

Linked to LSBF’s Executive Education, professional qualifications and postgraduate portfolio, the app aims to revitalise how students apply for higher education programmes. Mr Cabral continues: “Gone are the days when an institution had the power to demand what type of student it required. In today’s education industry, students have a range of different needs and requirements and the school must cater for them.”


So, how was the course selector devised? Matt Bangsund, who helped develop the tool, notes that “with hundreds of postgraduate and executive courses offered at LSBF, it’s hard for prospective students to find relevant ones for them to meet specific career aspirations, for instance their chosen industry. Using the feedback provided by previous students, the course selector tool was developed to overcome this and aims to really hone in on meeting the precise goals of the next generation of students.”

LSBF’s postgraduate portfolio includes a wide range of master’s degrees in management, finance, marketing and business law, while the Executive Education portfolio is designed to address recent trends and innovations in the business world. There’s also a range of professional qualifications including ACCA, CIMA, CFA® and CIM.  You can find out more about any of these portfolios by visiting our website: Postgraduate Professional and Executive.


To use the Course Selector, visit the following site from your smartphone, tablet or desktop: www.LSBF.org.uk/you

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