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Accountants, what’s your Jam? 🎵 🕺 💃

Accountants, what’s your Jam? 🎵 🕺 💃

As companies around the world switched to remote working, there were different aspects to the new normal that we had to get used to such as not being surrounded by the usual office chit chat. To fill that silence, many of us reverted to making ‘work from home’ (WFH) music playlists to plug into and stay focused for the day.

Whether you like tuning into hardcore rock and roll songs to get pumped up for the day or prefer more relaxing music to release your inner creativity, we think it’s fascinating to hear about people’s WHF music playlists and seeing how what they listen to differs according to their different professions.

Using a series of Spotify mining tools, energy supplier Gazprom managed to see what lots of people’s WFH playlist looked like and analyse them according to their job roles.

It’s fair to say, accountants have a pretty eclectic mix!

Spanning a range of decades, the typical accountant playlist is pretty cut and dry, with a top 10 made up exclusively of popular rock and hip-hop, which might make for an odd mix on paper. TOTO's "Africa" next to Biggie's "Juicy", "Hotel California" and Jay-Z & Linkin Park's all-time classic "Numb/Encore"? Sounds strange, but we're sure the diversity fires up accountants' number crunching thanks to strong BPMs and big danceability.


See the full article here.

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