ACCA Student Interview with Sherryann Bourne

ACCA Student Interview with Sherryann Bourne

Sherryann Bourne is our top performer in the Caribbean in the Advanced Performance Management paper (ACCA) and has also been recognised as the number 23 worldwide. Sherryann spoke to LSBF about her huge achievement and her experiences of studying with us. 

You can watch the full testimonial here.


What did you like most about studying with us?

I loved the class notes which summarised all the key areas of the syllabus. They made it easy for me to ensure I had a good understanding of all the key topics. I also loved the study plan which covered the entire 12-week period and helped me to plan for homework questions and assignments that I had coming up.


Did you enjoy our approach of having the same tutor throughout the whole course?

Yes – I did. It made it easier for me to refer back to the tutor when there was something that I didn’t quite understand from the online lectures. I got accustomed to the tutors during the lecture period meaning that by the time of the revision sessions I felt comfortable asking any questions I had right up to the exam day.


Did you find the courses beneficial?

Yes – it’s so important to get a good foundation when doing the courses under the skill module section of ACCA. These made it easier for me to pass the professional level papers. ACCA has managed to really transform their program into something that is practical for work.


How has LSBF helped your career development in general?

I wanted to make sure that I grew professionally throughout the entire programme. By completing my studies with LSBF, it ensured that I have the ACCA qualification to my name. Understanding the material has made me a better accountant, employee and professional.


What do you think about our Canvas platform? Did you find it useful?

For me, the Canvas platform was very easy to use. I did ACCA while working full-time so I didn’t want or need a complex platform. Canvas can be used by anyone who has a basic understanding of computers.


Would you recommend someone study at LSBF?

I have and will continue to suggest LSBF to everyone who is interested in studying ACCA, particularly those who are having trouble passing a particular exam. LSBF supported me in such a way that I was able to complete all 13 exams in 18-months. I also received two Top Caribbean Performer Awards. I did all of this even though I had recently had a baby and worked full-time. LSBF really is the only choice if you are serious about completing the ACCA qualification.


How was your overall experience with LSBF?

Studying with LSBF was a truly amazing experience! Both the tutors and the material made passing each exam a lot easier.


Find out more about studying the ACCA at London School of Business and Finance here.



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