5 Tips to get a great job in ecommerce accounting

5 Tips to get a great job in ecommerce accounting

There are some excellent opportunities for the right graduates in the ecommerce accounting sector.

Accounting is a fantastic sector to work in. With a great starting salary, strong prospects and the freedom to work in countries all over the world with the right qualifications, the possibilities are virtually endless. But one sector in particular where the future looks bright is ecommerce.


Online retail is growing fast. More businesses are springing up around the world and the industry is growing fast, meaning that online retail companies will offer plenty of opportunities for qualified accountants.


So, how do you get in?


1. Get Qualified

The most important thing to do is get an accredited accountancy qualification, such as ACCA or CIMA. After this, employers will be more interested in your understanding of the ecommerce sector, along with its many rewards and challenges.


2. Know Where You Fit In

Understanding how accountancy relates to the rest of the business is important in any sector. But in ecommerce, where sales can cross more borders faster  than ever, it is vital. This is especially true considering the press attention big firms like Amazon have attracted for their tax affairs in recent years.


3. Learn The Technology

Ecommerce is so different to other types of retail that in many cases, specialist software is necessary. Some accounting programs offer an ecommerce module as an add-on, such as Xero and Kashflow. But employers will love candidates who are already handy with one or two of the specific ecommerce accounting programs on the market.


4. Location, Location, Location

The great thing about accountancy and ecommerce is that both are diverse and offer the freedom to work in a range of locations. But many of the biggest companies are still based around the City of London, so it makes sense to head to where the greatest number of opportunities can be found.


5. Understand The Industry

Research from eMarketer found that business-to-consumer ecommerce sales will rise by a fifth this year to hit $1.5 trillion (£900 billion). It is vital ecommerce accountants demonstrate a good level of commercial awareness, with a sense of why online retail is so popular, where the biggest trends are and why specialist accountants are needed. Employers always want to know that candidates really understand their specific needs.


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