20 startups set to take the UK by storm in 2015 – part 2

20 startups set to take the UK by storm in 2015 – part 2

A quick rundown of 20 startups that will impact 2015 as selected by Startups.co.uk.


Startups.co.uk has selected its pick of the new businesses in 2014 for its top 20 startups, a list of firms that will make an impact in 2015. The climate for startups has been steadily improving and this year’s crop of firms highlight the potential for success in the UK these days.

Continuing from yesterday, in no particular order, here are 10 more in this second and final installment of our list. Here we provide a quick preview about the firms included in the list:



RefME – After failing to find a solution to his problem, Tom Hatton developed this free to use referencing tool to help make university students more efficient.


Frugl – This London events app is targeted at those on a budget and aims to bring together those low-cost events that often fly under the radar.


Rormix – Aiming to make the search for new music easier, this Manchester-based team has developed a platform that is described as “Tinder for music discovery”.


Canary – A product designed to ease the minds of relatives of the elderly, it uses a system of easy to install wireless sensors that monitors the elderly relative and texts/emails you if anything is out of the ordinary.


Tens – The founders of this fashion campaign brought their dream to reality and developed sunglasses that use a custom tint to add a filter to your vision, all without the need for technology or software.


Centtrip – This service effectively allows users access to the currency market through a MasterCard, granting better deals on foreign currencies than going through banks, payment cards and brokers.


Twizoo – An app that collates tweets about trendy new bars and restaurants, it hopes to aid user’s decisions by providing them with a real-time picture of public opinion about these venues.


VentureFounders – Hoping to bring a more professional approach to crowdfunding, this startup looks to create a platform to request funding for early-stage, scalable and high-growth businesses.


Smartzer – Merging interactive video content with shopping, this app focuses on click or touch video tagging technology for fashion and retail products.


Cocoon – This startup aims to update home security and uses sensors and machine learning technology to learn what is normal activity in your home and what might be an intruder.



Do you have any startups in mind that you believe could take the world by storm in 2015?

Let us know in the comments below.

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