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10 Fun Tips to Passing ACCA Exams

10 Fun Tips to Passing ACCA Exams

One of the reasons many people avoid revision is that it can be perceived as boring! However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as we asked students and alumni of LSBF to share with us their most unique and fun revision tips.

From chewing and digesting revision notes to having five-minute dance sessions in-between completing past paper questions, here’s what they had to say … 

Kasy Volney – LSBF alumna:

  1. When I’m revising past paper questions, I will put music on and dance for 4-5 minutes every time I complete a question. It’s like exercise – helps me de-stress and keeps my blood flowing.
  2. I like to study around a clutter of books and papers all over my bedroom – all over my desk, the floor and on my bed! It makes me feel more consumed in the material. I even go to sleep with the books open on my bed, subconsciously absorbing all of the information whilst I sleep.
  3. I must have at least five different colour highlighters when I’m studying. I highlight each chapter with a different pen. This makes the book look more colourful and more pleasing to the eye when revising.
  4. I rip off each page of the study textbook when I’ve finished reading it. This gives me something to work towards and indicates to me when revision is finished. Revision is not complete until there are no pages left!
  5. When sitting the exam, I try to use the same pen I used to revise with and eat the same food before the exam as I did when studying. It helps me recall information easily.

Asmat Ullah – LSBF ACCA student and President of the Student Association:

  1. Normally during revision I stumble upon a topic, formula or rule that can’t be digested easily. To overcome this, I write it on a small neat piece of paper, read it twice and then chew and digest it. It could be psychological, but it helps me to remember.
  2. Whenever I’m feeling deflated whilst revising or don’t feel like carrying on, I find a quiet, lonely place and sit there whilst closing my eyes to visualise myself struggling with the paper during the exam. I do this for 15 to 20 minutes to motivate myself into revising harder.
  3. I drink a lot of green tea whilst revising, as this keeps my mind sharp and focussed.
  4. Eating healthily is also essential for keeping the mind alert.
  5. If I have to memorise a particular rule, sometimes I read it really loud to myself a couple of times and then pause for a few seconds before mumbling it to myself quietly. I repeat this cycle of loud to quiet until I can repeat the rule off by heart.

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What are your top tips for ACCA success?

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