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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

UK female entrepreneurs urge Britons to stay in EU

UK female entrepreneurs urge Britons to stay in EU

Some of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs have united in a bid to urge Britons to stay in the European Union (EU).

Fifty successful females, including business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs, have joined a campaign set up by Women IN chair Jenny Halpern Prince to encourage an in-vote.

The campaign consists of a letter signed by the women, which highlights the benefits that staying in the EU will have on areas such as employment and trade in the UK. The letter states that the entrepreneurs are from “all walks of life”, working in areas such as finance, health, interior design, fashion, retail and creative industries.

“We have all benefited from our membership of the EU. Too often, women’s voices aren’t front and centre of political debate. But this referendum is going to be different,” the letter adds.

Extra trade

The possibility of a Brexit has received mixed views. Britain Stronger in Europe chair Lord Stuart Rose said recently that leaving the EU would be a “huge risk” and that the EU was “worth an average £670,000 in extra trade for each business that does deals with the 28 member states.”

Others have welcomed the idea of the UK leaving the EU, with members of the Vote Leave campaign stating that Britain’s export growth has been slow in the single market area since the EU was created in 1993, using research from Civitas to support their argument.


Halpern Prince showed her support for staying in the EU, stating that it helps to create jobs and helps our economy to thrive, providing “really important employment safeguards.”

Lastminute.com founder Martha Lane Fox said that leaving the EU would be a “disaster” for the next generation of entrepreneurs in Britain.

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