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Female entrepreneurs to help strengthen London’s connections with Silicon Valley

Female entrepreneurs to help strengthen London’s connections with Silicon Valley

Fifteen female entrepreneurs running businesses with an average growth rate of 115 per cent annually will be travelling to the US to strengthen London’s connections with Silicon Valley and learn about global opportunities.

The three-day event, which will take place on 19th June and will be led by London & Partners Chairman Rajesh Agrawal, London & Partners Principal Advisor on Growth Janet Coyle and SVC2UK Co-Founder and Chair Sherry Coutu CBE, will give female founders the opportunity to connect with US founders and potential clients and investors.


Amongst the female-led, London-based businesses that will be participating in the trade mission are free app OLIO, property tech platform Settled and online network Raremark.

The event is part of Silicon Valley Comes to the UK, an initiative that is run by London & Partners and was first launched in 2006 to promote entrepreneurship and create strong networks between Silicon Valley and the UK.

According to research from Founders4Schools, there has been rapid growth in the number of female-led businesses. There are now 871 female-led businesses in the UK with a turnover of around £250 million, whilst the number of businesses led by women was found to be growing at a median rate of 28 per cent annually.


London & Partners Chairman Rajesh Agrawal commented: “London is one of the world’s most successful tech ecosystems, and shares many strengths with Silicon Valley: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship. These female tech pioneers personify these qualities. I look forward to helping them maximise their investment and networking opportunities in North America, contributing to London’s economic prosperity.”

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